The executive director leads the Educopia Institute’s day-to-day operations. The executive director proposes to the Board new opportunities, strategic partnerships, and ongoing directions for the Institute's research projects and affiliated communities. This role is a paid, full-time position.

The board of directors works closely with the executive director to ensure all work undertaken by Educopia fulfills its mission and that its operations remain financially stable and sustainable. The Board approves budgets, oversees audits, and reviews all prospective plans and proposals. It also evaluates the results of Educopia's work during its quarterly meetings.

Members of the board are not employees of Educopia Institute and are not paid for serving on the board. There is a non-compensation clause in the bylaws concerning board service.

Board of Directors

Martin Halbert (President)
David Seaman (Vice-President)
Cal Shepard (Secretary)
John Sherer (Treasurer)
David Magellan Horth

Executive Director

Katherine Skinner

Past Board Members

Rachael Bower
Gregory Crane
Tyler Walters