Our Work


The Educopia Institute strengthens community-supported efforts by helping community leaders to develop organizational structures and collaborative infrastructure while facilitating the growth of vital connections and relationships. We do this through ad-hoc projects and ongoing, formalized partnerships.

The Educopia Institute provides administrative hosting, strategic planning, and organizational development services to its Affiliated Communities so they can have an impact and strengthen their own collaborative efforts. Educopia provides Affiliated Communities with community-building and facilitation expertise, as well as a broad range of administrative, legal, and financial services, tailored to meet the needs of each community's stage of organizational development. Educopia works with its Affiliated Communities to help them mature and evolve from grant funded projects to robust, sustainable programs.

Current Affiliated Communities of Educopia include:


Through research, Educopia seeks to transform entire disciplines, going beyond individual institutions and communities to bring about systemic change through state-of-the-field studies and focused action plans.

Through our relationships with Affiliated Communities, we seek to leverage the power of applied research to advance not just libraries, research centers, museums, or publishing groups, but the entire fields in which these institutions operate.

Educopia Research addresses:

  • Cross-sector projects. Many new ideas and current issues, from digital preservation to leadership best practices, affect more than one field. Educopia partners with leading national and international meta-organizations to identify and analyze trends affecting the institutions and communities we serve.
  • Community-driven solutions. Educopia works directly in partnership with its Affiliated Communities, as well as peer organizations, to develop relevant solutions with broad benefits.

Current research tracks for the Educopia Institute include:


Educopia Research also provides consulting services—including grant writing, planning, and implementation—for a wide variety of academic, research, and memory institutions on topics relevant to its networks and communities. Currently, these include collaborative network building, digital preservation, digital curation, digital scholarship, and digital publishing. For more information about our services or for a list of references, please contact our executive director.

More about the 2015 efforts of our many partners, communities and staff can be found in our Annual Report.