Dodging the Memory Hole II - Action Goals

The initial Dodging the Memory Hole event in Columbus, Missouri in November 2014, set the following initial work in motion. Initial results will be shared and discussed at the May 2015 Dodging the Memory Hole II event in Charlotte, NC:

  1. Delivering the Message (Leigh Montgomery, Christian Science Monitor)
  2. Scanning the Environment (Katherine Skinner, Educopia Institute)
  3. Public-Private Partnerships (Edward McCain, University of Missouri)
  4. Preserving PDFs: Workflows and Pathways (Ana Krahmer, University of North Texas)
  5. Preserving Web-based News: Current Tools (Ben Welsh, Los Angeles Times; Eric Weig, University of Kentucky)
  6. Content Management: A Quest for Interoperability (Frederick Zarndt, Digital Divide Data)
  7. Addressing the Needs of Small Libraries (Maria Tucker, Pueblo City Public Library)
  8. Donor Agreements: Workflows and Exemplars (Martin Halbert, University of North Texas)
  9. Succession Agreements: Generalizing a Process (Jim Kroll, Denver Public Library)

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