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Carolina Digital Library: Exploring a Common Framework. Improving the digital scholarship tools, infrastructure, and support available to faculty and students across the Carolinas.
January 30, 2020

Carolina Digital Library Network

This pilot project is funded by a grant from IMLS to enable small to mid-sized academic libraries in North and South Carolina to explore the possibilities of new digital scholarship services for their researchers.   Technological changes over the past three decades have radically changed the digital scholarship services which libraries can provide to their clientele. … Continue reading Carolina Digital Library Network

Making Community Spaces Safer
January 21, 2020

Making Community Spaces Safer: Articulating and Living Our Values

Over the course of 2020-2021, members of the Educopia staff will be contributing blog posts to the “Making Community Spaces Safer” series. Each post will explore one of our organizational values and describe our efforts to live into that value, including our successes, our failures, and the hard-won lessons that occur in between. We will announce … Continue reading Making Community Spaces Safer: Articulating and Living Our Values

Kate Herman
September 29, 2019

Kate Herman

Kate Herman is the Project Manager for the Next Generation Library Publishing project. Before coming to Educopia, Kate led a feasibility study to assess the interest in a cooperative model among experimental, scholar-led open access publications in the social sciences as part of Libraria’s Cooperate for Open project. She received her MSLS from UNC – Chapel Hill in 2020 … Continue reading Kate Herman

Photo of Sarah Lippincott in front of rhododendron
September 26, 2019

Sarah Lippincott

Sarah Lippincott is a librarian and library consultant with a decade of experience supporting open access, digital scholarship, and scholarly communications through strategic planning, research, service design, facilitation, and communications work. Sarah served as the Program Director for the Library Publishing Coalition from 2013 to 2016. She received her MLS from University of North Carolina-Chapel … Continue reading Sarah Lippincott

Next Generation Library Publishing. Improving the publishing pathways and services for authors, editors, and readers. Learn more at Logos for Arcadia Fund, California Digital Library, Confederation of Open Access Repositories, Educopia Institute, Longleaf Services, and Stratos.
September 9, 2019

Next Generation Library Publishing

In this project, Educopia, California Digital Library (CDL), and Strategies for Open Science (Stratos), in close partnership with Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) and Longleaf Services are working to advance and integrate open source publishing infrastructure to provide robust support for library publishing. Our project goals include: Creating a more balanced, effective academic publishing ecosystem that … Continue reading Next Generation Library Publishing

Library Publishing Workflows. Investigating and documenting journal publishing workflows in libraries. Educopia Institute. Library Publishing Coalition. Institute for Museum and Library Services.
August 9, 2019

Library Publishing Workflows

Quick Links to Project Deliverables Library Publishing Workflows blog posts (all) Library Publishing Workflows Pain Points blog series Library Publishing Workflows Preliminary Findings, Library Publishing Forum 2020 (Poster & Video) “Modeling library editorial workflows to promote open publication of scholarly journals: The American Library Publishing Workflows project.” I2D, 2020 (English language preprint). Introduction Educopia Institute, the … Continue reading Library Publishing Workflows

MetaArchive Cooperative
March 15, 2019

Community Transition

Digital preservation is, by definition, a long-term commitment. Libraries, archives, and museums engaging in this crucial work must actively plan to maintain digital assets through decades, centuries, and millennia. As such, these organizations must both anticipate and welcome change. When the Educopia Institute helped MetaArchive Cooperative to formalize as a membership community and service in … Continue reading Community Transition

Red floppy disk on white background with text that reads: "BitCuratorEdu. Advancing the adoption of digital forensics tools and methods in libraries and archives through professional education efforts." Logo for Educopia Institute and Institute of Museum and Library Services.
July 24, 2018


The BitCuratorEdu project is a two-year effort funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to study and advance the adoption of digital forensics tools and methods in libraries and archives through professional education efforts. This project is a partnership between Educopia Institute and the School of Information and Library Science at the … Continue reading BitCuratorEdu

March 16, 2018


March 14, 2018