Community Cultivation

Educopia works with community-driven efforts of all shapes and sizes, from small faculty teams seeking to transition off grant funding, to larger established associations with nonprofit or volunteer staff. Over the last decade, Educopia Institute has designed and refined a Community Cultivation Model (forthcoming as an OA publication in October 2018) that guides our incubation and acceleration work with dozens of communities and networks.

From the earliest stages of planning, to scaling up programs, to rethinking how they want to support their mission, teams look to us for targeted learning opportunities and consulting assistance. Educopia's staff help communities to build up their own knowledge around communication and outreach, member and volunteer engagement, and governance and revenue model development. Our team also assists community leaders through targeted infusions of strategic planning, facilitation, administration and technical infrastructure development.

While we do this work with a broad range of external clients, Educopia also hosts a small number of communities on an ongoing basis. These hosted communities, termed "Affiliated Communities," benefit from leveraging a common, established administrative, legal, communications, and financial infrastructure. Educopia's current Affiliated Communities can be found through the Communities portion of our website.

The early stage efforts below are seeking community feedback to evaluate and inform their development. Feel free to contact the listed coordinating contacts directly for more information.

Current Community Cultivation Work Includes

We are also publishing an open release of our Community Cultivation Model in mid-October 2018. For a preview, please see the Community Cultivation Model slideshow.