April 17, 2020

Educopia Institute Annual Report 2019

Everything we do at Educopia is grounded in community.

In 2019, we joined forces with more than fifteen emerging and established collaborative efforts, providing each with specialized administrative, governance, and facilitation tools designed to harness the energy and resources of many institutions in a united direction. It was a powerful and resounding “YES” year—one in which we witnessed the impact of our work at the institutional and individual level, and across both field-based and national borders.

Educopia’s Annual Reports provide us a with an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our many institutional and individual partners. Our small staff serves to facilitate the work of this extended community of players in order to accomplish the massive goals we set together in our affiliated communities and research projects. YOU are the ones who makes this work happen, and we are so grateful for your crucial leadership, vision, and hard work. I’ve never been prouder to be a part of this organization or more certain of its impact on our field and in our world.

-Katherine Skinner, Executive Director