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September 28, 2021

Educopia Releases “Governance in Formation: Identifying Priorities for Action and Making Decisions”

Earlier this year, in an effort to empower collaborative communities to grow and share knowledge, Educopia published the first guide in a series of entirely open tools, templates, and guidance documentation to help communities navigate common challenges encountered as they are forming. We’re excited to share the next addition to our Community Cultivation Resource Library, Governance in Formation: Identifying Priorities for Action and Making Decisions

After communities establish their purpose and shared goals, the question of how the community will organize, make decisions, and set expectations for members and partners becomes central to their growth and maturation. Governance in Formation provides the tools for a community to take on this work, determine priorities, and move forward with actionable next steps toward their shared goals. Using a series of structured activities and templates, a facilitator (community manager, project director, or other convener) can identify action priorities for Community Formation and determine how community leadership will distribute accountability for advancing those priorities. 

About the Educopia Community Cultivation Resource Library

Educopia Institute’s Community Cultivation Resource Library is a growing, open access set of tools, templates, and guidance documentation intended to support facilitators and leaders of groups, communities, and organizations of all kinds. Each resource attends to a common challenge or milestone that Educopia has helped many communities to successfully navigate. Additional facilitator’s guides and resources are scheduled for future release at