Community Cultivation: A Field Guide
November 3, 2018

Community Cultivation — A Field Guide

Issued by Educopia Institute in November 2018, Community Cultivation — A Field Guide provides a powerful lens that can provide both emerging and established communities with ways to understand, evaluate, and plan their own growth, change, and maturation.

The Field Guide is designed for use by directors, managers, facilitators, governance bodies, officers, and staff members. It provides mechanisms for assessing, developing, managing, and sustaining community projects, programs, and organizational operations. It also offers a snapshot of the tools, resources, and training modules Educopia regularly uses in its consulting and community-building work, including templates, workshops, and guides.

We are offering this Field Guide freely in the hope that it will empower more community facilitators and leaders to invest in the health and sustainability of their own collaborative networks. We highly recommend printing a copy of the Field Guide as it does contain meaningful “spreads” in its layout that will be best experienced in a full, printed version.