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Community cultivation is the heart of Educopia’s work. Our mission is grounded in the understanding that a community’s health relies on relationships. We support communities in fostering engagement within and outside their memberships, creating outreach strategies, and planning activities and events.

We encourage groups, networks, and leaders to strengthen their relationships, clarify roles and expectations, maintain transparency, and nurture caring and inclusive communities. In collaboration with community members and leadership teams, we develop roadmaps to accomplish shared goals and develop processes to facilitate organizational change.


  • Supporting communities and organizations to create conditions for inclusivity in virtual and physical community spaces, such as formal codes of conduct, team agreements, and engagement norms
  • Undertaking stakeholder analysis to identify clear points of alignment and determining effective outreach strategies for key stakeholder groups
  • Training organizations and communities to facilitate leadership development, plan events, and integrate new members in meaningful ways
  • Assisting communities through inclusive change management and assessing whether projects, programs, and communities are ready for revisioning, sunsetting, or growth
  • Facilitating community groups and subgroups to foster meaningful interpersonal connections, build trust, and clarify roles and responsibilities

Client Testimonial

Photo of Greg Eow, President of Center for Research Libraries, with quote: By involving Educopia’s team of experts, the CRL and NERL communities were quickly able to create an actionable roadmap that will align the organizations administratively and position them to sustainably advance shared goals. Educopia’s facilitation is efficient and effective.

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