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Transformational change is the result of the coordinated efforts of groups and organizations that center equity, transparency, accessibility, and inclusiveness. Finances and HR—the resources required for this work—are key factors in a community’s long-term sustainability. To that end, our approach builds capacity and empowers communities to make well-informed decisions about how they will fund their work and how they will get their work done.

We support communities by creating resources and training around business modeling, budgeting support, fiscal reporting, market analysis, and professional development. We draw from our extensive experience and applied research to help communities adapt to changing economic conditions and pursue long-term approaches.


  • Creating tools and templates for organizations to establish their HR plans, financial plans, and cost analysis reports
  • Providing frameworks for documentation and internal audits to foster transparency and accountability
  • Guiding and facilitating communities and organizations through sustainability planning around change management, fundraising, diversifying income, and HR infrastructure

Client Testimonial

Photo of Juliana Castro, Founder of Cita Press, with quote: Educopia’s sponsorship of Cita has been instrumental in advancing Cita’s mission. Its guidance has allowed Cita’s community to grow and has paved a clear and exciting path for its future. I feel incredibly lucky to work with this stellar team.

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