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Educopia Institute implements its Community Cultivation Framework with community and organizational leadership to provide guidance and capacity building measures. By considering how a community implements its rules for decision-making, documents bylaws, and cultivates leaders, we work in partnership with clients to invest in community health, leadership development, and strategic planning.

Our model has been refined over more than a decade of work with a broad range of library, publishing, archives, and museum clients. Utilizing our deep knowledge around the mechanisms that undergird community action, we help leaders identify and prioritize key strategic issues as well as work to build trust, relationships, and systems of accountability.


  • Advising leadership groups and leaders on effective methods to articulate their decision-making process, right-size governance structures, and establish accountability and transparency measures
  • Creating actionable plans and models for ways to move governance from documentation to practice
  • Building competency and resiliency during change management by evaluating governance procedures, cultivating leadership, and supporting organizations in transition
  • Coaching leaders through the implementation of new governance structures

Client Testimonial

Photo of Jefferson Bailey, Director, Archiving & Data Services at Internet Archive with quote: Educopia's expertise in community cultivation and coalition building has been invaluable in helping to grow our Community Webs network of public libraries. Their thoughtful and collaborative guidance on program development—always attentive to both operational practicalities and strategic possibilities—has been essential to the program's success.

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