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At Educopia, we consider infrastructure as an essential system required for any community to thrive. Infrastructure is often invisible until it breaks—but the health of a community’s infrastructure impacts outreach, member engagement, financial viability, and operations across services and programs. Early and ongoing investment in infrastructure makes more things possible.

Our process is grounded and informed by our Community Cultivation Framework, which we use to examine and understand the complex, interdependent infrastructure needs of our clients. We use this powerful lens to set the conditions for communities to enact their vision with transparency, accountability, and efficiency.


  • Training leaders and community members on how to right-size communications and administrative structures, including recordkeeping systems, project management systems, publication platforms, and internal communications tools
  • Designing human-centered data collection and management processes that uphold commitments to equity and support data-informed decision-making
  • Recommending and implementing digital preservation tools and strategies
  • Auditing existing communications and administrative structures to refine processes, platforms, and operations

Client Testimonial

Photo of Ethan Gates, Software Preservation Analyst, Yale University with quote: With Educopia's guidance, the EaaSI program of work has grown from an idea to an active, thriving community. Technical infrastructure doesn't advance without human advocacy, and Educopia makes sure we never lose sight of the people turning emulation into an essential tool for digital preservation.

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