April 18, 2012

Digital Preservation and Outreach Education (DPOE) Workshop

04/18/2012 | Loutit District Library | Grand Haven, MI

The Educopia Institute was pleased to be able to offer this free Library of Congress-developed workshop on digital preservation to Michigan-based cultural heritage institutions or academic research centers. Hosted by the Loutit District Library (http://loutitlibrary.org), this workshop followed the curriculum of the Digital Preservation Outreach & Education (DPOE) Program based at the Office of Strategic Initiatives for the Library of Congress. See www.digitalpreservation.gov/education

This interactive workshop consisted of three modules and aimed to provide attendees with basic digital preservation curriculum so that they can better curate the unique digital collections that they are building at their institutions. Modules for this workshop addressed the following topics:

  1. Identify – What digital content do you have?
  2. Select – What portion of that content is your responsibility to preserve?
  3. Store – How should digital content be stored for the long term?

A future workshop that covers additional modules is forthcoming.

For information on other upcoming DPOE workshops around the country please visit: http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/education/courses/index.html.

About DPOE

The Educopia Institute is proud to be trained by the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) program to deliver these timely workshops. The mission of the DPOE program is to foster national outreach and education to encourage individuals and organizations to actively preserve their digital content, building on a collaborative network of instructors, contributors, and institutional partners.