Nexus Lab: Layers of Leadership across Libraries, Archives, and Museums. Diagram with six columns about the key qualities needed to lead different groups.
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April 15, 2017

Leading Across Boundaries: Bridging Professions for System-Wide Change

The Nexus LAB project assembled a broad range of leadership program facilitators and participants to develop resources to meet the diversity of leadership training needs across archives, libraries, and museums. The project aims to build a community for the experts providing museums, archives, and libraries leadership training. Together, project partners significantly increased trainer capacity through cross-sector knowledge sharing and the development of needed curriculum and evaluation resources.

Learn more about our Nexus LAB efforts by downloading the article.

Katherine Skinner, David Horth, and Christina Drummond. “Leading Across Boundaries: Bridging Professions for System-wide Change.” Vantage Point April 2017.