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December 16, 2019

Library Publishing Curriculum Virtual Workshops

Professional Development Offerings to Advance Library-Based Publishing

The Library Publishing Virtual Workshop Series, taught by Dr. Katherine Skinner, is a set of free introductory training resources to empower librarians to meet local demands for launching and/or enhancing scholarly publishing activities. Based on the IMLS-funded “Developing a Curriculum to Advance Library Publishing” curriculum, which was developed by Educopia, in partnership with leaders in the library publishing and university press realms, the series provides in-time advice to students, librarians, staff, and others interested in or involved in publishing.

Access the materials now using the links below! Each top-level link will take you to a Google Drive location from which you may both access and download the unit’s materials.

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: What and Why Libraries Publish
Unit 3: Publishing Functions
Unit 4: Developing Editorial Strategies
Unit 5: Content and Access
Unit 6: Assessing Impact
Unit 7: Policy
Unit 8: Sustainability and Preservation

What these workshops are:

An open set of six units, including recorded lectures, readings, narrative overviews, and a range of helpful examples and handouts. Each of these units can stand alone, and the series is not designed to be taken in a particular order.

Who these workshops are for:

Anyone may freely use these and repurpose these CC-BY materials. We especially recommend their use by students, librarians, and those seeking practical advice about how libraries are engaging in scholarly communications and publishing.

About the Developing a Curriculum to Advance Library Publishing Project

the “Developing a Curriculum to Advance Library-Based Publishing” project (2016-2019) was generously funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The project has had an impact on the quality and quantity of library publishing services offered to scholars and students and is contributing to a healthier, more equitable publishing ecosystem.

The project developed and released in a variety of formats a suite of synchronous and asynchronous professional development offerings for librarians. These resources are open and free under a CC-BY license for anyone to offer or adapt. This dynamic, extensible, multimedia curriculum is intended to empower librarians to meet local demands to launch and/or enhance scholarly publishing activities.

The first set of materials from this project were released in 2018 – a four-module set of curriculum intended for those who are teaching either graduate courses or continuing education offerings on the topics associated with library publishing. The initial curriculum includes four modules that address major competencies in library publishing: Content, Impact, Policy, and Sustainability. Each module was authored by field experts, and each is roughly the equivalent of a 12 hour “course.” Each module contains an introduction plus 4-6 “units” that address topics of interest. Within each unit, we have produced and offer freely the following components: a narrative, a slideshow with talking notes, and activities for use in a physical or virtual classroom for workshops and courses. These are all stored in a google drive location, and are organized for instructors to adopt and adapt for their own purposes.

We piloted these materials in a range of environments, including continuing education workshops (in person and virtual) and graduate classroom (in person and asynchronous virtual).

The project was led by the Educopia Institute, in collaboration with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), NASIG, and BlueSky to BluePrint.


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.