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Library Publishing Workflows

Investigating and documenting journal publishing workflows in libraries

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  4. Modeling library editorial workflows to promote open publication of scholarly journals: The American Library Publishing Workflows project.” I2D, 2020 (English language preprint).


Educopia Institute, the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) and 12 partner libraries are embarking on a two-year project to investigate, synchronize, and model a range of workflows to increase the capacity of libraries to publish open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Most library publishers have developed services in response to local needs, and initial workflows are generally home-grown, varied, and idiosyncratic. This represents a missed opportunity for comparative analysis and peer learning; it also yields frequent omissions of crucial workflow steps, such as contributing metadata to aggregators (essential for discovery and impact) and depositing content in preservation repositories (necessary for a stable scholarly record). The workflow model envisioned in this project will help libraries provide a strong alternative to commercial publishing for a wider range of journals, representing a significant advance in the development of open and academy-owned scholarship.

Project Partners and Advisers

Partner libraries: Atlanta University Center, California Digital Library, Claremont Colleges, Columbia University, Illinois Wesleyan University, Pacific University, University of Alberta, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, University of Redlands, Virginia Tech, Wayne State University 

Advisory Board: Cheryl Ball (Wayne State University), Rachel Frick (OCLC Research), Kari Smith (MIT Libraries)

Project Activities

 We will form a cohort of libraries engaged in journal publishing and work with them to document and improve their publishing workflows. This work will be accomplished via peer learning, one-on-one interviews, and an in-person meeting. We will analyze the data gathered in these settings to identify opportunities for high-impact interventions in publishing workflows and ‘pain points’ that could be addressed in follow-on work.

Deliverables for this project include:

  • 12 visualizations representing the journal publishing workflows of each partner library
  • a workflow template and guidance documentation for libraries seeking to map their workflows 
  • a free set of recorded discussions on journal publishing workflows in libraries 
  • presentations at three conferences
  • a final report that will include lessons learned in working with the partner cohort to improve their workflows and conclusions drawn from analyzing the workflow data collected during the project, including next steps for building journal publishing capacity in libraries

Learn More

Contact Melanie Schlosser <> with questions about the project. For the latest project news, see the LPC blog or sign up for the LPC quarterly newsletter.


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services LG-36-19-0133-19