Self-Identified Library, Archives, and Museum Professional Development Needs, 2016 Edition. Compendium of 2015-2016 Mapping the Landscapes Project Findings and Data.
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December 27, 2016

Self-Identified Library, Archives, and Museum Professional Development Needs 2016 Edition

Triangulating the need for, supply of, and demand of continuing education and professional development offerings is a challenging feat. Yet, professional associations, higher and continuing education programs, and others all find value in this information when planning, developing, and scheduling offerings.

Effective, efficient organizations meet their missions through individuals who wield robust skill-sets around organizational and project management, leadership, community engagement, collaboration, cross-cultural communication and so on. These skills, required by all effective organizations and businesses, highlight competency areas where training providers have fertile ground for collaboration.

The Mapping the Landscapes project team, funded by Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and facilitated by the Educopia Institute, aimed to explore this landscape of shared professional development needs. This compendium presents the full set of Mapping the Landscapes project findings, data, and data collection instruments, for professionals across all fields to leverage alongside the project’s state and field specific Tableau Public data visualizations.