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October 26, 2021

Next Generation Library Publishing Project Announces Partnership with Janeway

Janeway will join the California Digital Library and Longleaf to pilot three different service models for the software components developed through the Next Generation Library Publishing project.

The Next Generation Library Publishing (NGLP) project takes a holistic approach to reenvisioning publishing, simultaneously architecting new software tailored to the unique needs of library publishers and designing the business models, values-based assessment frameworks, and pilot implementations that bring our code to life. 

The goals of Janeway’s pilot project are to:

  • Evaluate the role that the Janeway publishing platform can play in developing standards and solutions that allow better integration of campus systems and workflows across the lifecycle of research.
  • Assess and refine a potential service model that combines journals and institutional repository materials through a single display layer, supplemented by powerful reporting tools.
  • Collaborate with project partners to develop sustainable, community-governed, open solutions that rival current best-of-breed commercial tools and that will propel scholarly communication forward.

Martin Paul Eve, Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing and an instigator of the Janeway project said: “We are delighted to be participating in the Next Generation Library Publishing project. It’s clear that the international library publishing community needs a set of modern tools that are up to the task of the contemporary environment and that meet the highest standards of interoperability. By working with NGLP we hope to embed community interoperability needs into our openly developed and community-centered platform.”

Janeway’s emphasis on community resonates directly with the ambitions of the NGLP project. As Katherine Skinner, Executive Director of the Educopia Institute and one of the project principals shared, “We are so excited to offer this NGLP pilot to library publishers in partnership with a terrific scholar-led, open source platform and hosted services provider. Janeway brings to the NGLP project the requisite blend of a strong technical approach and a values-aligned business model that library publishers most want in their journal publishing and repository management service providers.”

The initial pilot phase of the NGLP project will launch in the spring of 2022. Additional project pilots will be announced in the coming months.


About the Next Generation Library Publishing Project

Educopia, California Digital Library (CDL), and Strategies for Open Science (Stratos), in close partnership with Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) and Longleaf Services are working to advance and integrate open source publishing infrastructure to provide robust support for library publishing. The project’s purpose is to improve publishing pathways and choices for authors, editors, and readers through strengthening, integrating, and scaling up scholarly publishing infrastructure to support library publishers. In addition to developing interoperable publishing tools and workflows, our team is exploring how to create community hosting models that align explicitly and demonstratively with academic values. The project is generously funded by Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. 

About Janeway 

Janeway is a digital platform designed for publishing scholarly research material. Launched in 2017, the platform provides a workflow for the submission, processing and presentation of scholarly materials. It is developed by Professor Martin Eve, Mauro Sanchez and Andy Byers at the Centre for Technology and Publishing, Birkbeck, University of London, and the Open Library of Humanities, UK. For more information about Janeway and its hosting packages, please visit: