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January 20, 2014

Pilot ICONC Dashboards

The ICONC project created an open data-set revealing the characteristics of U.S.-based digital preservation collaborations from 1994‐2014. Data was populated from publications, websites, grant awards, and surveys of NASCIO and NAGARA members. Ten data attributes were captured for each of the 211 documented collaborative activities; six areas of data attributes were recorded for the 1,274 participating American organizations (out of the 1,856 participating organizations.) The relationships between organizations and activities were recorded to enable relational analyses. The resulting raw data file leveraged embedded pivot tables, while also providing the foundation for interactive data visualizations on the Tableau and CartoDB platforms.

Links to the live set of piloted Tableau dashboards are provided below as an initial set of filters for community review. The dashboards may also be download and opened with Tableau Reader.