October 25, 2010

Private LOCKSS Network 2010

10/25/2018 | Boston College | Boston, MA

Private LOCKSS Networks have utilized a variety of technical and organizational designs since 2005 to accomplish a common philosophical aim: to empower cultural memory organizations to participate in and take ownership of their digital preservation practices through community-based initiatives.

This event provided a forum for current PLNs to share information about their work with each other and with the LOCKSS team. The primary intent was to help these individual community-based networks to themselves form a PLN community that actively shares knowledge, expertise, and tools in an ongoing manner.

Co-sponsored by the Educopia Institute, the Persistent Digital Archives and Library System Network (PeDALS), and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) of the Library of Congress, this community forum had two objectives. First, to explore organizational principles involved with operating a distributed digital preservation network among collaborating partners. Second, to consider issues specific to using the LOCKSS technology, which is currently the leading technical strategy for distributed digital preservation network building.