Empowering leadership development in cultural organizations to strengthen the public good.

The Nexus projects address the need for documentation of existing practices, cross-germination across leadership training groups, and the creation of a strong, extensible foundation to train and evaluate boundary-spanning leaders in archives, libraries, and museums. There have been many efforts over the last two decades to train leaders through workshops, seminars, institutes, and fellows programs, but little consistency in curriculum development and evaluation practices across these leadership-training programs.

While individual training programs have often documented their work through white papers and articles, there is a relative lack of comparison-based documentation regarding the breadth and depth of this existing spectrum of leadership-training activities, especially within and across the archives, library, and museum sectors.

Now complete, the Nexus I project examined leadership development, initially within and across library sub-sectors. Currently ongoing, the Nexus LAB project is exploring curriculum and evaluation tool and resource development for leadership trainers working with libraries, archives and museums.

Leadership development trainers and consultants are invited to join the project affiliated LinkedIN group to engage others working in this space.

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Dates: October 2014 to September 2017
Funder: IMLS
Principal Investigator(s): Katherine Skinner
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Dates: November 2013 to October 2014
Funder: IMLS
Principal Investigator(s): Katherine Skinner
Project Manager(s):

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