March 2, 2018

Spanning Boundaries, Transforming Fields

From the NFAIS website: “In recent years, dramatic changes in scholarly publishing have altered how researchers consume, exchange, interact with, and disseminate scholarly communications.”

The growth and breadth of open science ideologies and policies have spawned movements that give rise to: private foundations that are mandating more open and collaborative research; innovative new technologies and tools that have opened dialog in and among the research community; increased interoperability and unfettered access to not just the scholarly article but all associated digital research objects.

These dramatic changes will leave a footprint on global scholarship of the future but presently are plagued by diverging views, potentially leading to diverging paths toward the same goals. This conference will examine where we’ve been, the forces that impact future directions, who the stakeholders are, and how we create a future where the researchers gain value through the support each stakeholder provides toward a successful transformation.”

As one of the keynote presentations, Katherine Skinner (Executive Director), presented on Educopia’s “Community STEPS model.”

The model addresses the following questions:

  • How can we help communities develop?
  • How do we foster a healthy community?
  • How do we demonstrate our viability?
  • How do we grow fast (or fail fast!)?
  • What structure(s) do we need for continued impact?