Software Preservation Network (SPN) (subcontract)

The Software Preservation Network (SPN) is a leading organization established to facilitate and support software preservation efforts.

The Software Preservation Network (SPN) was a National Forum grant project led by California Polytechnic State University and University of Texas at Austin which gathered cultural heritage community input and developed a roadmap for actionable steps towards a national software preservation strategy. To achieve this, the project team conducted a needs assessment, partnered with legal experts, and convened a Forum, all focused on software preservation for cultural heritage. The team also produced a Community Roadmap, and several Forum attendees gathered around the Roadmap’s areas of focus and coalesced into functioning working groups before the grant period ended.

Educopia Institute’s role in the project included community cultivation and sustainability training for the emerging network. If you’re interested in learning more about SPN’s accomplishments and their plans for the future, including how to join and support this community, check out their newly released Software Preservation Network Prospectus.

Project Outputs:

  • Strong socio-technical scaffolding to support a growing network of software preservationists
  • Initial governance structure and working group structure for the network
  • Shared roadmap to help software preservationists align their efforts

Project Partners:

  • California Polytechnic State University
  • University of Texas at Austin