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August 1, 2017

News on the Margins: LGBT Newspapers and Periodicals Survey

This is a printable version of the full survey instrument, which may be of use to institutions as they plan their answers.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this data collection is to make more visible the corpus of news produced by and for LGBT communities by creating an open, freely available directory of LGBT newspapers and periodicals (print, microfiche, digitized, and born digital).
SCOPE: This is a field-wide collaborative effort. To succeed, we need participation from libraries, archives, and museums of all sizes, types, and statures. Whether you have one page or full runs of titles, your content matters and we need your help to make this content visible!
By “Newspaper and Periodical” we are deliberately opening the door to you to define what that means. If it is a published text/image piece that circulated to an audience of any size in a newspaper or periodical form, we are happy for you to include it. We are not extending to A/V news in this data collection effort (though we may in subsequent efforts!).