September 30, 2014

Library Leadership Roadmap

Built on the work of the┬áRecommendations for Action, the 21st Century Library Leadership Logic Model and Library Leadership Roadmap establish the benefits of coordinated action to enrich library leadership training. The Logic Model describes the current state of leadership in libraries and the need for stronger leaders. The Roadmap charts the high-level needs for librarians … Continue reading Library Leadership Roadmap

September 10, 2014

Three year IMLS Grant Awarded to Strengthen Leadership Education in Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Educopia is pleased to announce it has been awarded a three-year Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to establish a Nexus Leadership Lab to enhance leadership education available to cultural organizations. The Nexus project brings together many established leadership program providers including the American Association … Continue reading Three year IMLS Grant Awarded to Strengthen Leadership Education in Archives, Libraries, and Museums

August 24, 2014

Nexus Recommendations for Action

In June 2014, the Nexus project assembled stakeholders in library leadership programs, including library leaders, leadership program consultants, and professional organizations to discuss the necessary steps to catalyze library leadership development. The resulting Recommendations for Actions set forth an ambitious agenda to build a shared leadership development roadmap, shared curriculum and evaluation modules, and a … Continue reading Nexus Recommendations for Action

June 23, 2014

Leadership Development Impact Assessment

Based on focus groups conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership, the Leadership Development Impact Assessment establishes the core challenges faced by leaders in academic, archival, public, and special library sectors. The Impact Assessment also outlines the leadership competencies that are needed to respond to these challenges.

Training the 21st Century Library Leader: A Review of Library Leadership Training, 1998-2013
April 6, 2014

Training the 21st Century Library Leader

Training the 21st Century Library Leader provides an analysis of library leadership training in the U.S. context. It documents the models and features, geographic locations, sectors and audiences, funding and costs, founders and hosts, and evaluation methodologies deployed by more than seventy library leadership training programs during the last 15 years. Training the 21st Century … Continue reading Training the 21st Century Library Leader

April 1, 2014

Library Leadership Training Program Dataset

Providing the foundation for the Training the 21st Century Library Leader white paper, this dataset documents a spectrum of leadership development offerings that served academic, public, special, and archival libraries between 1998 and 2013. The data codebook and two .tsv data files are made available within this .zip download.

July 24, 2009

Nexus: Leading Across Boundaries

The Nexus “Leading Across Boundaries” (LAB) initiative, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and hosted by the Educopia Institute, is a federated, national effort involving a wide range of leadership training stakeholders from the archives, museum, and library communities. Together, we document existing practices and needed competencies, build cross-germination tools and strategies, … Continue reading Nexus: Leading Across Boundaries