ETDplus: Supporting the Evolution of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)
September 11, 2014

Two-Year IMLS Grant Awarded to Study Management of Supplemental Data for ETDs

The Educopia Institute is pleased to announce it has been awarded a two-year National Leadership Grant by the IMLS to study the preservation of supplemental data for ETDs. Joining Educopia on the ETDplus project are a variety of partners from academic libraries and ETD service providers, including: bepress, Carnegie Mellon University, Colorado State University, Indiana State University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Oregon State University, Pennsylvania State University, ProQuest, Purdue University, University of Louisville, University of North Carolina, University of North Texas, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and Virginia Tech.

ETDplus will build on the previous Lifecycle Management of ETDs project, which resulted in the Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDS, workshops for ETD program administrators, and tools for the management of ETDs. ETDplus will address the challenges of managing complex ETDs beyond PDFs with a set of Guidance Briefs on data curation topics, workshops for ETD program staff to prepare them to support students who have data curation questions, and a Curation Workbench to provide a software environment for data curation education. Educopia and its partners are committed to strengthening the project deliverables through public reviews and testing before final publication. Public reviews will be announced in 2016.

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