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July 15, 2017

Nexus LAB: Layers of Leadership Evaluation Validation Study

In phase 1 of the Nexus LAB (Leading Across Boundaries) project, the Nexus LAB Layers of Leadership design framework was developed. This model is arranged in terms of six Layers relating to a progression of roles. Each Layer addresses the leadership knowledge, skills and abilities required for success in the Layer’s roles as well as broader outcomes and shared skills across Layers. In addition, the model identifies a Key Role and a Challenge associated with each Layer.

Phase 2 of the Nexus LAB project entailed two primary applications of the design framework: 1) development of curricular resources, and 2) evaluation resource development (this effort).

The evaluation resource development work sought to produce and validate a competency-based evaluation framework for leadership development in libraries, archives, and museums.

The evaluation resource development goals were to develop, pilot, refine, and launch core evaluation instruments to measure:

  • Immediate and longitudinal leadership skill development in participating individuals;
  • Organization-level impacts of staff participation in leadership development programs;
  • Profession-level impacts of professional participation in leadership development programs; and
  • Community-level impacts of leadership development programs.

To support these goals, the Nexus LAB Survey Suite was piloted by several leadership trainers and refined based on their feedback, and then offered to instructors of six leadership CE/PD offerings between April 2016 and June 2017 for use with their own learners. The resultant analyses of this data, reported herein, may support future goals such as refining the Nexus LAB design frameworks and/or the evaluation instruments, as well as other applications.