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August 26, 2020

NGLP “Values and Principles Framework and Assessment Checklist” Released for Public Comment

The Next Generation Library Publishing project (NGLP) invites community feedback on the draft release of the Values and Principles Framework and Assessment Checklist tools we have produced to assess and incentivize stronger alignment between publishing tools, services, and platforms and the scholarly communities and publics they ultimately serve. Pending public feedback, we plan to refine and issue this tool in 2021 for broad use.

We invite feedback and engagement via the open access Commonplace Publication (hosted on the PubPub platform). You can access the framework and the checklist freely; you will need to set up an account with Commonplace and PubPub in order to make comments directly in the documents. You are also welcome to contact its lead author, Katherine Skinner <>, by email to share comments or ideas. The draft is open for public comment until September 30, 2020.

About the NGLP Project

The Next Generation Library Publishing project (led by Educopia Institute, California Digital Library, and Stratos, in close collaboration with COAR, LYRASIS, and Longleaf Services, and generously funded by Arcadia), seeks to improve the publishing pathways and choices available to authors, editors, and readers through strengthening, integrating, and scaling up scholarly publishing infrastructure to support library publishers. In addition to developing interoperable publishing tools and workflows, our team is exploring how to create community hosting models that align explicitly and demonstratively with academic values.

More about the Values and Principles Assessment Tool

This Framework and Assessment Checklist and its affiliated documentation have been prepared by Katherine Skinner and Sarah Lippincott and edited by Nancy Adams, Hannah Ballard, Terra Graziani, Jennifer Kemp, Brandon Locke, Catherine Mitchell, Kristen Ratan, Oya Reiger, Kathleen Shearer, John Sherer, Nick Shockey, Eric van Rijn, and Sarah Wipperman. 

This publication is also related to the Encouraging Adherence to Values and Principles White Paper (March 2020), which the NGLP team issued for public comment in March 2020, 

If you have any questions about the Framework and Assessment Checklist, please contact Katherine Skinner <>.