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May 9, 2022

Homeward Bound

Many community initiatives we work with at Educopia are initially funded and administered as university-hosted, grant-funded efforts, i.e. “sponsored” projects. Early in such projects, when scholars and university staff are testing new ideas and approaches using external funding sources, university hosting and “sponsorship” provides efficient and effective administrative management and support. But as a collaborative … Continue reading Homeward Bound

Developing a Pilot Data Trust for Open Access Ebook Usage. Building an international data trust to improve the measurement and analysis of Open Access (OA) books. Logos for University of Michigan Library, Educopia Institute, Book Industry Study Group, University of North Texas
February 20, 2020

Developing a Pilot Data Trust for Open Access Ebook Usage

This two-year project acted upon the recommendations documented within the “Exploring Open Access Ebook Usage” white paper published by the Book Industry Study Group in 2019.  The international project team and its advisors developed and tested open infrastructure, policy and governance models to support a diverse, global data trust for usage data on open access … Continue reading Developing a Pilot Data Trust for Open Access Ebook Usage

Christina Drummond
October 2, 2019

Christina Drummond

Christina currently serves as the Data Trust Program Officer for the OA eBook Usage Data Trust project having previously served as Educopia’s Director of Strategic Initiatives (2015-2017). Affiliated with Educopia since 2012, Christina has worked to develop capacity-building resources for Educopia’s affiliated communities while managing efforts relating to digital preservation [Identifying Continuing Opportunities for National … Continue reading Christina Drummond