Documenting how to preserve newspapers, digitized or born-digital, for future readers of the first-draft of history.

For centuries, memory organizations have dependably acquired, provided access to, and preserved print news for future researchers. As news has transitioned from print-only to multimedia, most of these preservation relationships and workflows have broken.

Tomorrow’s researchers will not have access to today’s news unless we act now. Bringing stakeholders together from all angles of this problem—news publishers and press associations, technologists and researchers, libraries and archives, corporations and funding agencies—will lay a crucial foundation for resolving this information crisis.

The primary challenge in securing today’s news for tomorrow’s readers and researchers is not actually its digital formats, but the lack of workflows and standards for preserving this content—including the lack of relationships between those that produce it and those who historically have preserved it. The “Chronicles” project series addresses these issues through research and action.

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Dates: January 2014 to December 2015
Funder: NEH
Principal Investigator(s): Katherine Skinner
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Dates: October 2011 to April 2014
Funder: NEH
Principal Investigator(s): Katherine Skinner
Project Manager(s): Matt Schultz


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