Filling a critical gap

Educopia was founded in 2006 to fill a critical gap in the information management landscape by providing a lightweight, inexpensive administrative infrastructure to facilitate and coordinate the work of collaborative communities.

We created an organizational structure that would energize a community of players to do their work in concert for mutual benefit and maximum impact — while ensuring that the joint work serves to complement, not supplant, the vital work done in their local institutions.

Since Educopia’s founding, we have maintained a neutral center that assists member institutions in our communities, empowering them to interact as peers instead of participating in a hierarchy of “lead institution” and partners. Educopia operates in an intentionally lean, nimble framework that privileges a decentralized model of member participation rather than storing up knowledge and infrastructure centrally. Every activity we undertake is explicitly designed to foster communities of engagement, and to encourage system-wide changes that empower and enable libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions to increase the availability and sustainability of knowledge in all forms.  

Casting a wider net

System-wide change requires system-wide involvement. 

To put it another way: we cannot make system-level progress by treating institution-level interests.

Right now, most networks don’t yet include all of the players necessary to bring about systemic change. Libraries, archives, museums, publishers, and researchers have largely worked within their own silos, but each is an essential player within a bigger system of knowledge creation and dissemination. Bridging these stakeholders to catalyze change is our core purpose.

Key dates in Educopia Institute history

2004 - MetaArchive Cooperative founded 
2006 - Need for new hosting model drives decision to found Educopia as administrative home and strengthening agent for communities of practice
2007 - MetaArchive becomes an Educopia community
2009 - With a MetaArchive project award from the Library of Congress (NDIIPP), Educopia Research launches
2010 - Inaugural Private LOCKSS Networks conference hosted by Educopia (Boston, MA)
2011 - NEH-funded Chronicles in Preservation digital newspaper preservation project begins
2011 - Inaugural Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation event hosted by Educopia in Tallinn, Estonia
2011 - Electronic Theses and Dissertations preservation project begins (IMLS)
2012 - ICONC project awarded (NDIIPP)
2012 - Proposed Library Publishing Coalition to the library community, funded through seed funding from 60+ libraries.
2013 - IMLS Nexus Leadership Training project awarded (IMLS)
2013 - Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation Action Assembly hosted by Educopia in Barcelona, Spain
2014 - Library Publishing Coalition launches as a community
2014 - BitCurator Consortium launches as a community
2014 - Nexus II project awarded (IMLS)
2014 - ETDplus project awarded (IMLS)