The Educopia Institute empowers collaborative communities to create, share, and preserve knowledge.

We believe in the power of connection and collaboration. In all of our work, we encourage knowledge sharing and network building across institutions, communities, and sectors. Our strengths include training, community facilitation, and administrative backbone support services for collaborative communities. Educopia also develops and manages applied research projects that benefit our affiliated communities and the broader information fields of libraries, archives, and museums.

We help information stakeholders including researchers, archivists, curators, publishers, and students to establish common ground, work toward shared goals, and ultimately achieve system-wide transformations.

Since its founding in 2006, the Educopia Institute has laid a foundation for sustainable growth and programmatic success by:

  • Maintaining a minimal and flexible staff, enabling us to serve clients with maximum effectiveness at low cost.
  • Working with community leaders to harness state-of-the-field research while developing organizational frameworks, governance structures, and economic models that provide the foundation for community-driven growth and sustainability.
  • Engaging and partnering with diverse stakeholders from public and private spheres representing libraries, archives, presses, research centers and scholars, as well as cultural and scientific non-profits, government agencies and fellow meta-organizations.

Growing beyond its initial support of the MetaArchive Cooperative, the Educopia Institute has entered into program development partnerships with affiliated communities, such as the Library Publishing Coalition and the BitCurator Consortium.