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September 8, 2022

Scaling Diamond OA: Universities as Centers of Open Publishing Excellence

From the Budapest Open Access Initiative 20th anniversary recommendations to the UNESCO Recommendation for Open Science and the Harvard endorsement of Diamond OA, many recent reports on open scholarship are calling for scholarly research to be published and disseminated via open infrastructure that is community-owned and -governed. This call for open infrastructure is particularly important in light of the recent White House (OSTP) memo on equitable access to research, which is likely to result in a massive wave of open research publications. 


Private LOCKSS Network 2010

Private LOCKSS Networks have utilized a variety of technical and organizational designs since 2005 to accomplish a common philosophical aim: to empower cultural memory organizations to participate in and take ownership of their digital preservation practices through community-based initiatives. This ...
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Library of Congress Selects the MetaArchive Cooperative as a Continuing Partner in the National Digital Preservation Program

The MetaArchive Cooperative, an independent, international membership association that coordinates collaborative and distributed digital preservation solutions for cultural memory organizations, has received $659,052 to preserve our nation’s at-risk digital materials as part of the Library of Congress’s award-winning National Digital ...
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Emory University’s MetaScholar Initiative Receives $1,125,000 to Preserve Our Digital History

The advent of digital technologies has presented society with a new challenge—how will we preserve the digital files that already comprise the bulk of the 21st century’s historical record, from government documents to scientific experiment results, from family videos to ...
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