Building a stronger, healthier, more equitable information management field begins with the way we care for each other. 2019 Annual Report.
April 17, 2020

Educopia Institute Annual Report 2019

In 2019, we joined forces with more than fifteen emerging and established collaborative efforts, providing each with specialized administrative, governance, and facilitation tools designed to harness the energy and resources of many institutions in a united direction. It was a powerful and resounding “YES” year—one in which we witnessed the impact of our work at the … Continue reading Educopia Institute Annual Report 2019

Brandon Locke
September 25, 2019

Brandon Locke

Brandon Locke is the Project Manager for the Library Publishing Workflows Project. He also co-leads Endangered Data Week and the Digital Library Federation’s Government Records Transparency and Accountability Group. Previously, Brandon was the Director of the Lab for the Education and Advancement in Digital Research at Michigan State University, where he taught digital scholarship methods … Continue reading Brandon Locke

Library Publishing Workflows. Investigating and documenting journal publishing workflows in libraries. Educopia Institute. Library Publishing Coalition. Institute for Museum and Library Services.
August 9, 2019

Library Publishing Workflows

Quick Links to Project Deliverables Library Publishing Workflows blog posts (all) Library Publishing Workflows Pain Points blog series Library Publishing Workflows Preliminary Findings, Library Publishing Forum 2020 (Poster & Video) “Modeling library editorial workflows to promote open publication of scholarly journals: The American Library Publishing Workflows project.” I2D, 2020 (English language preprint). Introduction Educopia Institute, the … Continue reading Library Publishing Workflows