This simple principle underlies the work of the Educopia Institute, a non-profit serving as a catalyst for collaboration among libraries, archives, museums and other cultural memory organizations.

More and more, these institutions recognize the relationship between collaborative technology and enhanced scholarly communication. Each drives the other. The Educopia Institute helps cultural memory organizations work together to develop the digital infrastructure needed to create, preserve and make accessible their many and myriad digital assets.

The digital age of scholarly communication challenges libraries and similar organizations like never before. As a result, some organizations turn to private companies to manage their digital assets. We see an alternative path: Connecting institutions so that they develop the means and structure to maintain control of their most precious digital resources.

This control preserves ownership, promotes accessibility, fosters new scholarly works and collections, safeguards resources, and provides many other benefits. And while these benefits require some effort, Educopia Institute lessens the challenge by providing know-how, guidance and energy to the endeavor. It’s true – together, we can accomplish so much.

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