Publications - Christina Drummond

October 2017

The “Layers of Leadership,” developed in partnership by Educopia Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership, and more than 35 museum, library, and archives associations and representatives, provides a common lens for understanding high-demand leadership training skills and competencies in these fields. The "Layers of Leadership" documents the key challenge, key leadership tasks, skills necessary to address those tasks, and outcomes sought within seven "layers" of leadership, from "Leading Self" to "Leading the Organization" to "Leading the Profession."

October 2017

Access Points:
Nexus LAB Curriculum (the Google Drive-based Open Curriculum package)

December 2016

Triangulating the need for, supply of, and demand of continuing education and professional development offerings is a challenging feat. Yet, professional associations, higher and continuing education programs, and others all find value in this information when planning, developing, and scheduling offerings.

July 2016

This National Agenda for Continuing Education and Professional Development across Libraries, Archives, and Museums provides a broad planning and evaluation framework for the systemic strengthening of continuing education and professional development (CE/PD) across the landscape of funders, professional associations, program administrators, and trainers involved.

November 2015

This publication aims to introduce guiding principles and practices for CE/PD needs assessments from beyond the library, archives, and museum (LAM) sphere of reference. A literature review section highlights needs assessment research from other fields (e.g., higher education, nonprofit training, etc.), drawing attention to models that could inform LAM practice. Existing LAM CE/PD needs assessment efforts are then contextualized against these models to inform future cross-sector CE/PD collaborations.